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Myths about middle ages you probably thought were true

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Middle Ages was the time also known as medieval period, which lasted from 5th to 15th century. This era was the middle period of the three traditional divisions of Western history. This Medieval period was further divided into three parts: early, high and late middle ages. People have a lot of myths about the Middle Ages and here are some of them:
1.    It is said that Middle Ages people were highly violent but you can’t compare it and call it more or less violent in comparison to the other periods of history unless there is a significant evidence. OMGKAV1502-12.    There is a myth that the people of that era used to believe that Earth was flat but it is not at all true. In fact, there were some who had even estimated the circumference of the Earth.OMGKAV1502-23.    It is believed that women were brutalized during that time, which is true to an extent only. This case was seen only in some parts of Europe and not all. OMGKAV1502-34.    It is a myth that the people of Middle Ages used to drink beer and wine only as water was highly polluted. To counter this myth, firstly, they added water in the drink to dilute it and secondly even today there are many places where there is dirty water and people drink it and fall sick. So, you can’t call it as a whole.OMGKAV1502-45.    People think that in this period of time, scientific progress was zero due to which they even call the period dark ages. Although some people didn’t believe in Science, some do. In fact, the church was not at all behind killing science, rather it was responsible for saving it.   OMGKAV1502-5

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