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Things you should never say on a first date

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First date is exciting and scary both at the same time. We often get baffled about how to act on first date. Well, if you are facing the same issue, don’t worry as we can help you a little with the things you should never say on a first date:
1.    If the person with whom you have a date is texting somebody, never ask him/her, “Who are you texting to”? Come on, such a thing will ruin it all.OMGKAV1503-12.    Never ever say to the other person, “I think you would have looked cuter in that……” This will mean as if you are trying to question his/her style.OMGKAV1503-23.    Never call the waiter by using disrespectful words. This will put a very bad impression on the girl. Girls love those who respect others.OMGKAV1503-34.    Even if you guys have opened up to great extent on the very first date, don’t make a mistake by saying, “Hey, I think we would make beautiful children”. OMGKAV1503-45.    Don’t tell him/her about your past relations on first date. Even if you want to keep everything transparent, trust me, first date is not at all the right time.OMGKAV1503-56.    Never ask you date about how much he/she is earning. Come on what that has to do if you really love somebody.Stock Photo by Sean Locke 7.    “Let’s take a selfie”. Capturing pictures is good but first date is not at all the right time to do so. By taking selfie on the very first meeting what you want to show, hmm….So, avoid it.    OMGKAV1503-7

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