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World’s highest smoking nations

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Smoking is injurious to health but around 20% of world’s adults smoke cigarettes to feel “relaxed”. Once you start smoking, you get addicted to it and then you hardly are able to overcome the habit. Here are world’s highest smoking nations:
1.    Greece- In this country cigarette consumption per capita is 2,996. With a motive to reduce the number of smokers, this country has smoke-free law for most of the public places.OMGKAV1501-12.    Serbia- With 2,924 per capita cigarette consumption, this nation has the second highest number of smokers in the world.OMGKAV1501-23.    Bulgaria- There is a huge number of smokers in this country. Most of the Bulgarians consuming cigarettes belong to the age group of 25 to 29 years. This country has 2,822 per capita cigarette consumption and is on rank 3.OMGKAV1501-34.    Russia- With 2,786 cigarette consumption per capita, this country is the world’s 4th highest smoking nations.OMGKAV1501-45.    Moldova- In this country, over 6,300 people die every year because of tobacco-caused diseases. It has 2,479 cigarette consumption per capita. OMGKAV1501-56.    Ukraine- In this country 80% of the smokers are men. Women with higher education and men with primary education are inclined to smoking here. This country has 2,401 cigarette consumption per capita and is world’s 6th highest smoking nation.OMGKAV1501-67.    Slovenia- With cigarette consumption per capita of 2,360, this country is on 7th position in the list of world’s highest smoking nations.      OMGKAV1501-7

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