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World’s most difficult languages to learn

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The world is a diverse place with loads of cultures, traditions, languages, etc. Most of the countries have their own languages in fact there are many nations wherein different languages are spoken in every other state, city or town. Here are world’s most difficult languages to learn:
1.    Chinese- Chinese is the most difficult language to learn and is the native language of more than one billion people. There is a complex relationship between spoken and written Chinese language. This language’s written form gives no clue about its pronunciation.OMGKAV1505-12.    Greek- Greek is probably the oldest language in Europe. It has been spoken for around 4,000 years. You can’t get it easily that where you have to put stress and where not. Stress on the wrong word can change the whole meaning.OMGKAV1505-23.    Arabic- This language belongs to Afro-Asiatic language family. Complex and unique method of constructing words makes this one of the toughest languages. A lot of people use this language.OMGKAV1505-34.    Icelandic- This is a North Germanic language, mainly spoken by Icelandians. Archaic vocabulary and complex grammar makes this language one of the hardest languages to learn.OMGKAV1505-45.    Japanese- Japanese is spoken mainly in Japan and is a member of Japonic language family. This language is quite difficult for the people who speak English.    OMGKAV1505-5

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