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7 Absolutely hilarious and crazy American laws

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Next time you plan to visit America make sure you are aware of country’s every law or you can land up in prison. Here are some ‘full on bizarre’ laws that are still in effect in America.
1.    You would be surprised to know that in America, you can face a fine up to $100,000 and prison time for harassing Bigfoot.OMGKAV1601-1 2.   Did you know that in Tucson, Arizona women are not allowed to wear pants? The law was placed at the first place because they consider pants to be unladylike and manly.OMGKAV1601-2 3.   In Michigan, anybody who is over 12 years of age can own a gun until unless he/she is not having any crime records. This doesn’t mean you can drink, as for that you need to be 21.OMGKAV1601-3 4.   This is weird that in Waynesboro, Virginia there is an archaic law as per which women can drive down Main Street only if their husbands come in front of their cars and wave a red-colored flag. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

5.    Oh, this is not at all cool. You know what in Eureka, Nevada a guy with mustaches is not allowed to kiss a woman. It is illegal.OMGKAV1601-56.    This is quite strange that in Arizona, if anybody is caught stealing a soap, he/she is required to wash himself/herself with that soap bar until it disappears completely.OMGKAV1601-67.    In bars at Nevada, a man is not allowed to buy drinks for more than three people at a time.   OMGKAV1601-7

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