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7 things we want our parents to understand

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There are many things youngsters who wish their parents to understand but it hardly happens, all thanks to the generation gap. Well, we are here with some of the things you must have wished your parents understand:
1. You want your parents to have faith in you and your abilities. According to you, parents should give you a chance to live as per your wish.OMGVIS0091-1
2. The epic moment when you are rolling your eyes to avoid an eye contact with your parents during a lecture session and they say you are disrespecting them by behaving in such a way. You are like papa if I am not looking into your eyes it doesn’t mean I am not listening.
3. You want your parents to understand that you know the hardships they have gone through and respect them for that but it doesn’t mean you (their children) have a smooth life without any tensions.OMGVIS0091-3
4. The most common thing a child expects from his parents is to understand that if he loves to chill out, spend time with friends, drink occasionally, it doesn’t mean he is a spoiled brat. It is just your way of dealing with pressures of life.OMGVIS0091-5
5. Experience is must in life and you agree that parents are experienced but then you want them to let you take risks so that you can learn. After all, time has changed now, and you can’t just lead a life on the basis of what your parents have seen in life.OMGVIS0091-5
6. You want your parents to understand that in today’s era, relationships, dating is a common thing and they need to trust you that you will never cross your limits.

7. Yes, last but not the least, you want them to know that the more they try to keep you away from things the more you will try to get into that stuff. So, it’s better that instead of hiding, they just open up about it.

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