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7 ways to kick jealousy away

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In today’s era, jealous has somewhere taken a place in the heart and mind of everyone. No matter how much you try to stay away from comparing yourself with others, it just not happens. Here are some ways to kick jealousy away.
1.    Accept your feelings and start sharing it on the face. If you are feeling insecure about something due to someone, go talk to him/her. This way you will get to clear your mind from all those insecurity monsters. OMGKAV1107-12.    Factor like tension, stress are the ones that drop you in situation where in you start feeling jealous for anything and everything without any logic.  This happens because your mind gets tired of thinking about a lot of stuff at the same time. You can avoid it by giving your mind rest time to time. A2G21863.    You can do meditation and yoga to get free from jealousy. By doing these you will get to know yourself in a better way and will not feel like comparing your beautiful soul with anybody else. OMGKAV1107-34.    Focus on your own capabilities and the good things you have done in life. Look at your strengths and polish them. Love and pamper yourself. OMGKAV1107-45.    Accept yourself the way you are and stay cool with the imperfect you as nobody in this world is perfect. With acceptance comes satisfaction.OMGKAV1107-56.    Learn to distract yourself from the things or the situation making you jealous. This way you will not get time to think about it.  OMGKAV1107-67.    This is one of the most important ways. Identify the root cause of jealousy and work in the direction of removing it.     OMGKAV1107-7

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