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Good deeds that need to be done more often

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There are a lot of actions that you should make part of your life every day. Such deeds not only make your life beautiful but satisfying also. Here are the deeds that need to be done more often:
1.    Help the needy, homeless people. Next time before throwing away that food lying in your refrigerator just because you don’t feel like eating it, think about the hungry needy people. Don’t waste food; instead give it to the needy ones.OMGKAV1604-12.    You never know what the other person is going through in life. So, whenever you meet anybody offer them an unexpected smile. Who knows that little gesture of yours can lift somebody’s mood and make them happy? Smiley Flower Happy!3.    Appreciate others and do give a compliment to someone if he/she is looking good. Compliments make true bonds.OMGKAV1604-34.    Next time you see somebody getting bullied, go help them and take stand. It hardly matters whether he is your friend or not, what all should matter to you is you are a good human being. Do it for humanity sake. Model released. Girl 15 consoling friend in school yard.5.    Adopt pet, needy stray animals. Be the voice of those voiceless living beings. All they want is love, which is every living being’s need. OMGKAV1604-56.    Donate things you don’t need any more. The clothes you don’t wear now, give them to the people who can’t afford clothes.OMGKAV1604-67.    Do something good for the environment. Save Earth, believe me you can do it by planting a tree, using water properly and keeping your surroundings clean. OMGKAV1604-78.    Good deeds are good for you too. Yes, you are reading it right. When you help somebody, do a good thing, you feel a sense of satisfaction which gives you happiness.   OMGKAV1604-8

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