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Lies that most of women tell

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Women are great at hiding or I should say lying. Every woman must have spoken one or another lie at some point of time in their life. Here are the lies that most of the women tell:

1. When a woman says that “I am fine” then understand that she is not at all fine and all that she wants from you is to force her to tell what’s bothering her. Girls love it when somebody shows concern about them.OMGVIS0093-1
2. When her husband or boyfriend checks out another girl it hurts her like hell but she manages to hide it with a smile. But, behind that smile is a storm waiting for the right time to attack.OMGVIS0093-2
3. Girls are never going to tell you that they are mad at you, or in deep love rather they will be expecting you to propose or make a gesture.OMGVIS0093-3
4. The pet lie that every girl must have spoken in her life is “I will take just a few minutes” but in reality keeps the other person waiting for long hours.OMGVIS0093-4
5. If you will ever say a girl that “are you angry?” She will act calm and won’t admit it. Instead she will wait for the right time to explode the bomb on you.

6. Girls often say that money don’t matter to them but deep inside money is one of the most important things they notice in their partner. After all, love alone can’t buy you bread.

7. If ever you will talk about some other girl, or can say even talk about some actress’ outfit, your girl will say that she agrees with you but not really. She will get full on jealous but will never admit it.

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