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Remind yourself about these things everyday

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Life has become very complicated today.  You just can’t stay calm all the time. Tensions, problems, and negativity have occupied a permanent place in your mind, due to which to should never miss a chance to be positive in life. Here are the things about which you must remind yourself everyday:
1.    Count your blessings, instead of focusing on your troubles. Never forget that there are a lot of people out there who doesn’t have even that much which you are having. Be grateful to God everyday for giving you another day to live. OMGKAV1108-12.    You are different and nobody can take your place in this world. God has sent only a single you and you have your own identity, which no one can take away from you.OMGKAV1108-23.    You have taken birth with a motive. You must never forget that life is a stage and you are merely a character sent by God. You have to play different roles in life which nobody else can play.OMGKAV1108-34.    Remind yourself that you have taken birth not to please everyone. OMGKAV1108-45.    Remind yourself that not everyone gets true love in life. And in case you are lucky to get true love then don’t take it for granted ever. Love is a priceless feeling that you must relish.True love in the morning sun6.    Never compare yourself with anyone else. You must remind yourself everyday that comparison is the thief of joy.OMGKAV1108-67.    Never build expectations in life you never know what tomorrow holds. Expectations only lead to heartbreaks.


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