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Seven Things that only a night owl can understand

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If you are one of those who love to stay up at night like an owl then here are the things you can relate to very well:

1. Night is the time that motivates you and switches on the fused bulb of your creative ideas. Your mind works flawlessly at night.OMGVIS0092-1
2. You love the silent aura of night. There is no one awake to distract you, and it makes you feel like you own the world.OMGVIS0092-2
3. Only a night person can understand the satisfaction of watching a flick in the dark night. At times you plan to watch a single movie or an episode of your favorite series but end up watching much more than that.OMGVIS0092-3
4. Sunset attracts you more as compared to sunrise. You just don’t get it why some people wake up so early just to watch the sunrise.OMGVIS0092-4
5. Breakfast doesn’t exist in your life. When you wake up, it’s already noon.OMGVIS0092-5
6. No matter how much you try to sleep on time but it never happens. Night life has become your comfort zone.OMGVIS0092-6
7. You are in touch with most of your friends living abroad as you chat with them every night due to difference in day timings.OMGVIS0092-7

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