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Surprisingly satisfying facts about coffee

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Every coffee lover can easily relate to that amazing aroma, chocolaty color and the satisfaction a cup of coffee gives you. Here are some surprising satisfying facts about your coffee:
1.    Coffee lovers this one is for you! Coffee can reduce the risk of Type II diabetes. People who drink more coffee are less likely to become diabetic. OMGKAV1603-12.    This is amazing and I am sure most of you don’t know this. World’s first ever webcam was made for coffee.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3.    Have you ever wondered where coffee comes from? No? Don’t worry, here you go. Coffee is a fruit and those coffee beans are the pit of a cherry looking berry. Coffee bean is a seed which is used to brew coffee after roasting and the grinding process.Roasting Coffee Beans4.    Coffee reduces the chances of depression in woman drinkers. OMGKAV1603-45.    You all must have wondered why coffee doesn’t taste as superb as its fragrance? This is because saliva wipes away half of its taste. 1395957476.    Coffee lowers the risk of Alzheimer disease. OMGKAV1603-67.    Need some extra fuel, energy in the morning? Just grab a cup of coffee and you are ready to lead an energetic day.Signature:ce564453e3192b5178f2cb528a78cc15d8642ddc3c5719b8872eeea2eecdd0888.    Brazil is world’s largest coffee producer with 2.5 million tons of coffee produced every year. Over 80 countries produce coffee in the world. About 33% of the world’s coffee market is grabbed by Brazilians.


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