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Things every man should know how to do

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Intelligence, muscles, looks are fine, but these are not enough to survive in this world. Men think that they are self-sufficient and but they are not. We are here with some things that every man should know how to do:
1.    Men should know how to clean their apartment. I know this might sound odd but yes, they should know it.  Young man washing floor in protective gloves2.    Lot of men know how to cook but at the same time there are many who think it’s not their work. Well, in that case let me tell you that it is nothing like work, it is all about need. When your mother, wife, is not well, how would you mange? You can’t always buy food from restaurants. OMGKAV1606-23.    Guys should know how to change a tire, as you never know when you might need it. It’s better to learn than to regret standing in the middle of an isolated road with a punctured tire.  OMGKAV1606-34.    Guys should know how to sew a shirt button at least for emergency sake. What is the fun of repenting at the last minute with shirt and button in your hand when you are getting late for office. OMGKAV1606-45.    Guys should know how to iron clothes; you never know when you can face it as a requirement or a need.OMGKAV1606-56.    Men should know how to grow up in life. You must have seen a lot of guys who believe in depending on someone always no matter wife, mother or friend. You can’t live like that always.    OMGKAV1606-6

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