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10 crazy facts about languages

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Language is something with the help of which we communicate. Most of the communities have their own languages. Here are some facts about languages you probably don’t know.
1.    You will be surprised to know that in this world where we live in, there are 7,000 languages.OMGKAV1702-12.    Asia alone has 2,200 languages.OMGKAV1702-23.    In Mexico there is a language which is at the verge of dying just because the two remaining speakers have refused to be in talking terms with each other.OMGKAV1702-34.    South Africa has world’s highest number of official languages that is 11.OMGKAV1702-45.    Out of all the languages, 231 are now completely extinct.OMGKAV1702-56.    It is believed that the oldest written language was written down in about 4500 BC.OMGKAV1702-67.    Bible is the most translated book in the world. It is available in 2,454 known languages.OMGKAV1702-78.    There is a language named Silbo, spoken in La Gomera off the coast of Spain; consists entirely of whistles. People communicate only through whistles. How cool is that, isn’t it?OMGKAV1702-89.     Did you know that in French there are 13 ways to spell the “o” sound?OMGKAV1702-910.    In Chinese language there are about 50,000 characters. If you want to read a newspaper you must know at least 2,000 of all the characters.


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