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5 Largest Malls in the World

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Who doesn’t want to get all the stuff he wants to buy at one place only? I am sure everybody does. Well, this is why mall are trending worldwide. Here are world’s 7 largest malls:
1.    New South China Mall- Located in Dongguan, China, this huge mall of 6.46 Million sq. ft. is world’s largest mall if gross leasable area is taken into consideration. People also call this mall as the largest ghost mall in the world because of a lot of vacant space. In this mall over 99% of the stores are vacant.OMGKAV1704-12.    Golden Resources Mall- This mall is the second largest mall in the world covering 6.0 Million sq. ft. This mall doesn’t have that huge number of visitors because of being expensive. Most of the stuff available in this mall is out of the reach of a common Chinese.OMGKAV1704-23.    Central World– This is the world’s third largest and Thailand’s largest shopping mall of 4.62 Million sq. ft. Opened in 1990, this mall in Bangkok has seen a phase where in most of it was set on fire in an accident but once reopened 80% of its space was open for business.OMGKAV1704-34.    SM Mall of Asia- Located in Philippines, this mall is the world’s fourth largest mall.  This huge mall has found buildings, which are inter-connected through walkways. There is an Olympic-sized ice skating rink present in this mall. This mall covers 4.2 Million sq. ft.OMGKAV1704-45.    Dubai Mall-This amazing mall of 3.77 Million sq. ft. is a part of Burj Khalifa complex, which is the world’s tallest man-made structure ever built.  This mall has one of the largest aquariums in the world.  It is world’s largest shopping mall if total area is taken into consideration.    OMGKAV1704-5

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