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7 Depressing statistics about the world we live in

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World is facing a lot of issues you are not aware about. Here are some of depressing statistics about the world we live in:
1.    Next time, you mistreat your parents give this a thought that in this world, there are around 210 million orphans. Value the ones you have in your life.Orphan children play in their bedroom at an orphanage in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, December 19, 2012. Russia's parliament initially approved a bill banning Americans from adopting Russian orphans on Wednesday in reprisal for a U.S. law punishing alleged Russian human rights violators in a row that has strained bilateral relations. REUTERS/Vladimir Konstantinov (RUSSIA - Tags: SOCIETY POLITICS)2.    A lot of people were killed in the World War II and you know what 75% of them, i.e. around 50 million people, were civilians.OMGKAV1608-23.    You will be shocked to know that there are nearly 300,000 child soldiers around the world. The age, at which they should enjoy and study, they are fighting and serving their services to the nation.OMGKAV1608-34.    Due to the lack of basic nutrients, 315,000 women die every year at the time of childbirth. People are engulfed by malnourishment around the world. There are 805 million people living in hunger.Peacekeeping - UNOCI5.    In this world, 80% of the population is surviving on less than $10 per day. OMGKAV1608-56.    Every year, 2 million children die because of preventable diseases. They don’t have enough money to get treatment for them.   OMGKAV1608-67.    U.S. military spends $20.2 billion on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan every year. This is something more than NASA’s budget.  OMGKAV1608-7

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