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Biggest myths about metabolism

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There are a lot of things we believe in, which are in reality nothing more than myths. You must have somebody in your circle who is crazy about fast metabolism. Well, here are some of the biggest myths people have about metabolism:
1.    Many people think that metabolism is genetic and you can’t change it. But, let me tell you that this is partly false.OMGKAV1707-12.    You must have heard people saying that men and women have same metabolism, but that is not at all true. Men have higher BMR than women. Due to their lean muscles and larger organs, they burn more calories than women while taking rest.OMGKAV1707-23.    Many people think that thinner individuals have higher metabolism, but that is not the exact case. Body do matter but not to that extent. Thin people have lesser metabolism while at rest and don’t burn calories while resting, which means larger individuals usually have higher metabolism.OMGKAV1707-34.    Many people say that the food eaten late at night turns into fat, but this is not true. Time hardly matters and all that matters is whether you are consuming healthy food or not, and to what limit.OMGKAV1707-45.    You must have seen people drinking green tea or things like it, just because they think that these things fasten the metabolism. But unfortunately, they are mistaken, as it is false.  Such things can spike the metabolism rate but not to such an extent that it can change your weight.    OMGKAV1707-5

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