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Disturbing facts about human trafficking

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Human Trafficking is one of the major issues the world is facing today. This is a kind of slavery wherein people are being held as captive for selfish motives. Here are some disturbing facts about human trafficking:
1.    In today’s world there are more slaves in comparison to history. Although slavery is banned in many parts of the world, there are over 29 million people living in slavery.OMGKAV1703-12.    Did you know that if you are watching porn, it is tantamount to supporting trafficking.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3.    According to the estimation of the UNICEF, 300,000 children below the age of 18 are trafficked to serve in the armed conflicts across the world. Transitional Federal Government (TFG) child soldier and commander, part of a security cordon for visit by Ethiopian Foreign Minister, 27 May 2007.    #IOTSC#4.    As per one of the articles published in Washington Times in 2009, the Taliban buys children to act as suicide bombers. OMGKAV1703-45.    Over 3 quarters of the human trafficking is for sex. As per the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, out of all the victims 80% are women.OMGKAV1703-56.    The victims of trafficking are not able to take assistance even when they are able to just because they can’t understand the legal system, laws of the country in which they are held as captive. OMGKAV1703-6 7.    There is a quickly growing industry that benefits from human trafficking and is known as organ harvesting.OMGKAV1703-7  8.    It is estimated that every year around 30,000 victims of sex trafficking die because of abuse, torture, disease and neglect.    OMGKAV1703-8

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