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Inspiring people who overcame their disabilities

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Most of us have a habit to crib on little-little things. But we all should look at the ones who are living tough lives, life with disabilities, then only we can value what we have. Here are some inspiring people who overcame their disabilities:
1.    Nick Vujicic- This man is a worldwide famous motivational speaker, who was born without legs and arms. He showed how attitude is altitude. In doctor’s teams this condition is known as tera-amelia syndrome characterized by absence of all four limbs. Trent Nelson  |  The Salt Lake Tribune Motivational speaker Nick Vujicic speaks to students at Bryant Middle School and beyond about the dangers of bullying. The assembly was simulcast and streamed to some schools across Utah Thursday March 7, 2013 in Salt Lake City2.    Helen Keller- It was her struggle to overcome her disabilities that made her the hero in the eyes of millions. This brave lady fought with the adversity of being deaf and blind and became one of the leading humanitarians of the 20th century. OMGKAV1609-23.    Albert Einstein- Most of you probably don’t know that this genius had a learning disability. He was not able to utter a single world till the age of 3. And, see today we all call him a born genius. OMGKAV1609-34.    Ludwig van Beethoven- Beethoven gives strength to a lot of people. It is almost impossible to make music if you are deaf but this Austrian/German composer and piano virtuoso did it. He lost most of his hearing from Tinnitus at the age of 20. His accomplishments, works in life are spell-binding even though he was never able to hear his work.OMGKAV1609-45.    Franklin D. Roosevelt-   This man was the 32nd president of United States. Besides, serving four terms in the office, he was the first president, who suffered from a major physical disability. He was diagnosed with polio at the age of 39.   OMGKAV1609-56.    Sudha Chandran- Did you know that in 1981, this well known Bollywood actress and dancer lost one of her legs in car accident.    OMGKAV1609-6

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