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Rich and Famous people who were once homeless

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Many people we see today who have achieved huge heights in their life were once homeless. Here are some of such rich and famous people:
•    Charlie Chaplin: This Indian man made people laugh for decades without even uttering a single word. But, did you know that his childhood was full of miseries. His mother suffered from mental breakdown when his father died and they had no place to live in. But, the irony is this man never failed to bring smile on the faces of audience.OMGKAV1701-1•    Colonel Sanders: This American businessman was the founder of fast food chicken restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). But, did you know that he was once homeless and filthy poor.OMGKAV1701-2•    Jim Carrey: This man is a world famous comedian actor and comes among one of the richest persons in the world. During childhood his family faced worst circumstances. There was even a time when his family spent time in van, before shifting on a renting home.OMGKAV1701-3•    Halle Berry: This Oscar and Emmy award winning actress was homeless once. During her struggling phase her mother told her to either stay at home or survive on her own. She was so dedicated towards becoming what she is today, that she left the home and faced some of the worst days of her life.OMGKAV1701-4•    Sylvester Stallone: Before the time he sold the script for Rocky he saw a time when he had no place to live and unfortunately with a heavy heart had to sell off his dog for $50. And you know what, after some days he sold the script and got his dog back for $3000. This man had true rags to riches tale.    OMGKAV1701-5

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