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Strangest laws that actually exist

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Every country has its own laws, which all the natives have to follow. You all must have heart about those traffic laws, crimes laws, but you will be surprised to know about these strangest laws that actually exist:
1.    In Thailand it is illegal to step on money. So, next time walk carefully, one wrong step can drop you in difficult situation.OMGKAV1705-12.    In Iowa, it is illegal for a man with moustache to kiss a woman publically.OMGKAV1705-23.    This one is so weird. In Shanghai, China, it is illegal to own a red car.OMGKAV1705-34.    This one is for all the students out there in Bangladesh. Here in students can go to prison for cheating in their exams.OMGKAV1705-45.    This one is not fair. In San Antonio, Texas, you can’t flirt as it is illegal. So, think twice even before passing a smile to somebody or you may land into complications.OMGKAV1705-5
6.    You can’t just catch mice in Cleveland, Ohio without having a hunting license. OMGKAV1705-67.    In Utah, a husband is considered responsible for his wife’s actions until unless he is with her at the time of actions. So, always keep an eye on your better half.OMGKAV1705-78.    If you are not intelligent you can’t enter a college. Yes, you are reading it right. There is a law for this.Caucasian graduate walking in portico9.    You can’t change an electric bulb in Victoria, Australia, until unless you are a licensed electrician. Think before helping somebody in electrical matters.OMGKAV1705-910.    In Samoa, you can’t afford to forget your wife’s birthday.


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