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Types of people you find in your college

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The minute you enter your college you get to see and meet various kinds of people. Some are cool dudes, while others are nerdy guys, some are pretty girls while others belong to the toppers category, etc.  Here are different types of people you must have found in your college:
1.    Every college has that one student well known as fashion fiesta. From the way she looks to the way she talks, everything is full on in fashion. They have an out-of-the-world kind of accent, which they never miss to flaunt.OMGKAV1708-12.    Every college has a student who has no time for fun, relaxation, chill out, as he is dedicated to become a reputed person in future. This student’s favorite place is library and he is the topper of batch.9.15.10.FillipinoGames.CSUF.KT3.    Oh yes! How can I miss to mention a party freak? In every college there are students who love to celebrate every single thing by partying hard with their pals. They often reach late in class due to their late night loud parties.OMGKAV1708-34.    Technology addict are very common in every college. Their world revolves around latest gadgets, cars, bikes in the market. You can ask them anything and everything about gadgets.OMGKAV1708-45.    The Rich kid is a part of every college. They are in a habit of breaking the rules, coming late to college as if it belongs to them and flaunt their expensive stuff to get attention.OMGKAV1708-56.    These days, a lot of drama queens are seen in college, giving tough competition to each other. Their extra soft tone, loud make-up, cool dressing sense, way of creating a fuss out of a little thing etc., everything is unique.OMGKAV1708-67.    And yes, guys feel so good when called the don of the college. Every college has a don, and every student is afraid of him and consults him if needs any help. You can easily recognize them among all.    OMGKAV1708-7

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