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World’s 5 most dangerous jobs

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Everybody has to do a job to earn bread but certainly not at the cost of your safety. But, a lot of people out there do dangerous job to run their family. Here are world’s 7 most dangerous jobs:
1.    Miners- People in this profession spend most of the time underneath the earth’s surface, looking for metals etc. This is one of the most dangerous professions as you never know when the land can come up on you. OMGKAV1706-12.    Crab Hunters – This job is not for those who are weak at heart. You have to go in the midst of seas, oceans, etc. to hunt crabs. Although this is one of the highest paid jobs, life is almost at stake as you never know when the ship might turn around.OMGKAV1706-23.    Underwater Welder- Electric shock, explosion. Out of every 200 welders, around 30 die every year.OMGKAV1706-34.    Loggers- This is the job in which the chance of logger dying on job is 30 times more in comparison to other professions. In this profession most of the on-job deaths take place because of falling of trees or due to error in the equipment.OMGKAV1706-45.    Line Installers and Repairers- People need these people generally during the worst weather situations, storms, etc. to repair the electric polls, wiring and works like these in which chances of getting an electric shock are very high.    OMGKAV1706-5

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