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5 Common misconceptions about love

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Love is a magical feeling that can’t be expressed in words. For some love is peace, for some it is the care and for some it is the presence of someone always by your side. Different people have different definitions of love. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about love:
1.    This is the most common myth that people have: Love can’t happen twice, there is only one true love. This is not true as have you ever thought about the ones whose husband’s have died and they have got remarried and are living a happy life.OMGKAV1801-12.    People think that once you fall in love, then you can’t come out of it. Well, this is not true as it is all about self-control on emotions. You can overcome and move on from love by many ways.OMGKAV1801-23.    Another common myth is ‘love is blind’. This is not the case. In a relationship full of love you might avoid the shortcomings of the other person but you never know that may be because of you lower self-esteem and not your love.OMGKAV1801-34.    People often say that once you will bear children you both will get closer. Well, there is nothing like that, you are mistaken. Rather, children are good but then with their coming, complications do come in your life. The couple will no longer be able to spend that much alone time together. OMGKAV1801-45.    Many people think that love is all about happy times, fun, excitement, the way they get to watch in flicks but that’s not the reality. Love is a roller-coaster ride and there will be times when you have to face bad days to get good days back. Alike life, love is not that easy.    OMGKAV1801-5

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