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7 facts that show you are true blooded Punjabi

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The way Punjabis talk, walk and act, they appear very different from others. They have their own class which nobody can beat. Here are some facts you can relate to if you are a true blooded Punjabi:
1. Prantha with ghee or prantha with butter is what you have every day in breakfast. This is Punjabi’s perfect breakfast.????????????????????????????????????2. Even if you are talking to somebody secretly, everybody around you can easily hear that. Thanks to your way of talking, which is not only loud but also full of gestures made by hand.OMGKAV1709-23. You are always ready to help others no matter they are your friends or strangers. You are always happy to help.Indian Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar (C) and comedian actor Gurpreet Ghuggi (R) pay their respects at the Golden Temple Sikh shrine in Amritsar on September 18, 2011. The Bollywood stars visited the city as part of a promotional tour of their upcoming bollywood film 'Speedy Singhs' directed by Robert Lieberman and produced by Akshay Kumar and Ajay Virmani. AFP PHOTO / NARINDER NANU4. You can’t bear silence, after all this word doesn’t exist in your dictionary. You can easily open up with anybody and are not at all shy.OMGKAV1709-45. You look for occasions to celebrate, dance and drink. Loud parties make your life exciting.OMGKAV1709-56. Your wardrobe is full of kurta-pajamas, Punjabi jutis, and you love to flaunt them. You have your own style and it hardly matters to you whether others like it or not, because you just love it.OMGKAV1709-67. You are in love with jeeps, bikes, like bullets and all those vehicles which look unique on roads. You make sure that when you drive it, everybody notices it and at least looks twice at you.   OMGKAV1709-7

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