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7 ways to spend a romantic weekend at home

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After a hectic week who doesn’t want to spend a relaxing, romantic weekend with his partner. Everybody does. Here are 7 ways to spend a romantic weekend at home:
1.    ‘Say no to electronic distractions’ is the first and the most important thing you can do to spend some quality time with your partner. Put you mobile phone on silent mode, shut down your laptop and switch off your television. Enjoy!OMGKAV1804-12.    Keep it simple, as in this complicated life simplest things give you the biggest pleasures. After all, happiness lies in small things. Happy young couple under blanket3.    If you have children, then, why don’t you make their weekend exciting as well by sending them to their grandparents place to enjoy? Doing this, you will get to spend some time alone at home. OMGKAV1804-34.    Take a hot bath in tub with flower petals floating on water.Signature:88546639f0c075946cac7f88b80152ec2124f8de9c08313303f10b5d44001b2d5.    Dress up in the best attire and enjoy a candle-night dinner at home with all your favorite dishes and wine.OMGKAV1804-56.    Talk to each other, play some romantic soothing music and dance. These small things help forget all your tensions and worries.OMGKAV1804-67.    Create an aura of love, light up perfumed candle and have the weekend night full of romance wrapped up in an intimate night together.   OMGKAV1804-7

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