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Famous people who struggled, but overcame substance abuse

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Many celebrities, famous people take drugs, are addicted to alcohol and smoking. Here are some of the famous people who struggled and overcame substance abuse:
1.    Daniel Radcliffe- Did you know that this famous Hollywood actor at the time of shooting for Harry Potter actor was in the clutches of serious alcohol abuse. He fought the circumstances, his addiction and overcame it. Today, he is living a quiet and peaceful life.OMGKAV1802-12.    Ben Affleck- This well-known and successful actor owes his success to beating substance abuse. Once he was very badly addicted to alcoholism, gambling and drug use, which at that time was putting a strong threat to his actor career. But, he started to fight back and went to rehab in 2001.OMGKAV1802-23.    Jennifer Anniston- You might know this famous actress for playing a clean character in Rachel Green but do you know that in real life she has fought smoking and caffeine addictions and was a chain smoker. Throughput the shooting for Friends, she was fighting strong addictions. Presently she has shifted to yoga and meditation to relax and stay stress-free.OMGKAV1802-34.    Drew Barrymore- Known as on-screen good girl, this actress had a past of drug and alcohol addiction. She was just 11 when she suffered from smoking and alcohol addiction. Now, she had overcome her addition and is leading a sober life.OMGKAV1802-45.    Sanjay Dutt- This Bollywood actor developed a heavy drug addiction as a teenager when he lost his mother to cancer. He was even incarcerated for illegal possession of drugs before he went to a rehab in the United States. There he was able to overcome his addiction.     OMGKAV1802-5

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