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Struggles people working from home can relate to

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In today’s world, thanks to technology a lot of people are working from home to earn money. They don’t go to office and just give their inputs staying at home, sitting on their favorite couch. Here are the struggles such people can relate to:
1.    People often doubt that are you really working or not? At times they think you are unemployed. They think that you are giving excuses. When, in reality they are jealous of the cool work you are doing while staying at home.OMGKAV1803-12.    You have turned into a couch potato while working at home. The whole day you sit at your favorite place in home, keep on munching stuff and do your work sitting at one place. Nil movement in your life has turned you into a fat guy.OMGKAV1803-23.    There are many days when you are working without taking bath. You get up just 10 minutes before work.OMGKAV1803-34.    At times, you feel bored working at home. You miss all that office stuff, colleagues and funny instances.OMGKAV1803-45.    When there are guests at home they act as if you are on an off. They just don’t realize that you are working and have deadlines to achieve.4786935666.    You miss that cake, gift and card from your colleagues on your birthday.Businessman Stretching While Working on His Laptop --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
7.    You have become a kind of shy guy. To you, going out now means that you have to talk to people.OMGKAV1803-78.    In the end you thank God, after all, ‘home is heaven’ and you don’t have to go through all that office politics. OMGKAV1803-8

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