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5 Amazing Indian road trips to make

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India is a beautiful country which offers you a number of priceless sights, wonderful landscapes, different cultures, languages and much more. If you love travelling then here are some Indian road trips that you must make at least once in your life:
1.    Manali-Leh Highway (NH 21) – The journey through this highway is an experience full of joys, fun, risks, beautiful sceneries and memories for lifetime. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most adventurous trips you can experience in India. People die to visit Leh; it is nothing less than heaven on Earth.   OMGKAV1807-12.    Leh-Srinagar Highway (NH 1D) – This is on the list of every person who loves to travel and explore. While riding to Srinagar from Leh you get to see astounding sights, landscapes and different colors of mountains.OMGKAV1807-23.    Old Silk Route- This is a spellbound route, which can easily bring you at peace. You will be hypnotized by the beauty of nature. This route connects Lhasa in Tibet to India. OMGKAV1807-34.    Pamban Bridge- This Bridge connects Pamban on Rameswaram Island to Tamil Nadu, India. Bikers must travel through this route. While travelling through it you can’t keep yourself from getting mesmerized by the surrounding blue waters. OMGKAV1807-45.    Ahmadabad to Kutch- The white beauty of Rann of Kutch is something no traveler can afford to miss. This route brings you across a completely different culture. While on this route, you must visit the Hodko Village, which is famous for handicraft shopping.    OMGKAV1807-5

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