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7 soothing ways to let anger go

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Most of people these days face the problem of being angry at every little issue. Anger is not at all a good thing and can ruin your life completely.  Well, in case you are one of those who have no control over their anger then, you can go through these soothing ways to let anger go:
1.    If a situation is not in your favor and you know soon you will be out of your control, just start counting numbers from 1 to 10 in reverse order. Side by just take deep breaths. OMGKAV1004-12.    Some people have a devastating mind and start breaking stuff the minute they get angry. They don’t do this intentionally; rather it is their anger that makes them do so. Such people should immediately grab a glass of water and should move out in the open air. OMGKAV1004-23.    You can’t always control anger but then you can change its direction towards a positive side. Do you love painting? Singing? Dancing? Anything passionately? If yes, then next time when you get angry indulge into your hobbies right away. OMGKAV1004-34.    When you get angry, just stop communication with everybody if possible. Spend some alone time, think and relax.OMGKAV1004-45.    Sometimes you just can’t cut the communication as you are in office or in a public gathering etc. In such a case, try to keep a smile on your face and speak only if necessary. OMGKAV1004-56.    There are some circumstances where you are right and think that you can make an argument. But you must understand that at times relations are more important than being right. Argument is not always a solution.OMGKAV1004-67.    Anger is a deep and negative emotion. So, next time you face the attack of anger, just start thinking of all the good happy times of your life. Soon, you will realize that you have overcome the situation without harming anybody.       OMGKAV1004-7

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