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8 things you can relate to if you are the innocent one in your gang

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Many of you must be the ones who are the only innocent one in your friend circle. If it is so, then here are the things you can relate to very well:

1. You are the last one to understand the jokes your buddies share. Many times you laugh with them just for company sake, when in reality you have no idea about what is going on.OMGVIS0096-1
2. Your pals treat you as if you are a little child. They are very possessive about you and try to keep you away from adult stuff.OMGVIS0096-2
3. Many times you feel as if you are the alien of your gang.OMGVIS0096-3

4. There are a lot of perverted words you came to know from them.

5. They are your adult guide and you can ask them anything. They are your ‘gurus’.

6. Your buddies call you “tube light”. They laugh at you, enjoy it but take care of you. They love your innocence but never let anybody else take advantage of it.

7. You have heard the phrase “grow up” many times from them.

8. Old people, parents, aunties and uncles love you for your innocence. They adore you and tell their children to be like you.

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