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Dating problems you can relate to if you have strict parents

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Are you one of those who have strict parents and face struggle in keeping up with your partner? If yes, then here are the dating problems you can relate to very well:
1.    Forget alone time. Once you enter the home you always have somebody around you, due to which you don’t get a chance to talk to your partner.OMGKAV1002-22.    You have to reach home in time. No excuses work on your parents, as a result you never get to spend some quality time with your partner. OMGKAV1002-13.    When you are out with friends or partner your phone is always like Trin-Trin as your parents keep on calling you to know regarding your whereabouts. This annoys people around you. And you can’t even afford to let your batter die.   OMGKAV1002-34.    Your phone has become a family phone. You can’t put a lock on it. You have to give it if your parents ask for it. And the worst thing is that your phone records are in their control.
5.    You never get a chance to stay alone at home. Your parents make you accompany them wherever they go, without any ifs and buts.
6.    Your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t understand you every time and start thinking that you are trying to avoid him/her. You feel helpless because you can go neither against your partner nor your parents.
7.    If you are a girl and you have strict parents than you have to struggle a lot to keep your relation going.  Thanks to the rapists, acid attackers etc. your parents no more trust any guy and you are not allowed to be friend with guys.

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