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Games we all played in 90’s

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All the people out there who belong to the 90’s can very well relate to these games:
1.    HopScotch/Stapu- Girls were used to play this game. With more than 10 levels, this game was on top in their bucket. They were crazy after the collection of stapu thhepis.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2.    Musical Chairs: This game was mostly played during birthday bash, get together. Everybody was used to play this no matter how old they were. All they did was placed some chairs with music on and ran around them and the rest you know very well.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3.    Hide and Seek- Commonly known as Chuppam Chupaayi this game was classic. No matter it is school lunch break or night time, children were used to enjoy this game the most. OMGKAV1806-34.    Chain Chain- This game was so much fun and was played with players in huge numbers. How can you forget that epic moment when the 8 or 9 of were used to run in a chain for catching your next victim.OMGKAV1806-45.    Kanche- How can you forget those little glass round pebbles, with whom you were used to play kanche. The moment when your eyes were on little pit with full on focus, was epic. OMGKAV1806-56.    Kho Kho- This game was generally played by girls only. They were used to play in school games lecture and in breaks. This game was used to keep them fit.????????????????????????????????????7.    Chidiya udd- This game was so silly but was so much fun. The sound of ‘chidiya udd, gaye udd, kauya udd…..’ was epic. It was one of favorite pastimes for students during boring lectures at school.


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