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Things only a single mother can relate to

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Leading a life as a single mother is not at all an easy job. You, being a single mother have to make sure your children are getting all that others get from their fathers. Here are the things only a single mother can relate to:
1.    Being a single mother, she has to come across a lot of taunts from the society at every stage in life. Society will try to suppress her confidence, doubt her skills but she will have to remain strong for her children.OMGKAV1809-12.    It is very difficult for a single mom to make her kids understand where their other parent is. She has to deal with the situation calmly.OMGKAV1809-23.    Single mother face a lot of difficulty with telling her son about the boy’s stuff which she supposes his father has told him.Attractive Caucasian woman looking up into piggy bank.4.    You hate it when those married women come to you and pretend to be caring and offer you fake support. OMGKAV1809-45.    You have to put in double the efforts in comparison to what other parents are doing. You have to be the mother and father of your children at the same time.OMGKAV1809-56.    You have to deal with those cheesy boss or colleagues in office, who try to get the benefit of your singlehood. You need to remain bold.OMGKAV1809-67.    No matter how lonely, incomplete you feel at times, you have to get up next day with a big smile on your face, wear that confidence again and deal with the circumstances bravely for your kids.Young boy kissing her mum; Shutterstock ID 121750573; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone

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