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Things only girls with curly hair can understand

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Those gorgeous curly hair you admire need a lot of care. Ask a girl with pretty curls about it. Here are some things girl with curly hairs can relate to very well:
1.    You always carry a hair rubber band tie with you, as you never know when a blow of wind or humidity might make your hair look weird.OMGKAV1808-12.    Your hair look perfect for an hour at max after you comb. Then, even you can’t make out if the hair are yours. They get all messed up.OMGKAV1808-2 3.    Rainy, humid days are nothing less than a devil for you. During these days you feel like going bald, seriously.OMGKAV1808-44.    Your hair never look the same twice. If you will pick any two of your pictures trust me, your hair in it will never look the same. OMGKAV1808-35.    Dryness makes you go insane. You need to use oil to avoid you hair get fluffy. Oil bottles have in fact become an essential part of your life, which you carry wherever you go.OMGKAV1808-66.    You are tired of answering this question, “Is that your natural hair”? Every other person asks you this and you are like, come on, you think I am wearing a wig or something like that.OMGKAV1808-57.    ‘Maggi’, ‘noodles’, you have been called by this name by your classmates.OMGKAV1808-78.    You comb your hair only when they are under shower. You can’t afford to use a brush on them.      OMGKAV1808-8

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