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Things that only experience can teach you

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All that you are going through today will become your experience tomorrow. Experience is something you can’t buy and you have to gain it by spending your time. Here are the things that only experience can teach you:
1.    Nobody can teach you how to deal with people, act in a gathering or respond to something. There is always a first time and you have to move out, take risk and try your hand at all these things, then only next time you will be able to improve and eventually learn.OMGKAV1003-32.    Experience teaches you the value of every single minute and moment that life gives you. Our parents are experienced that’s the reason why they try to make our lives easy by sharing the things they have learnt from their experiences.OMGKAV1003-13.    Experience teaches you that it is failure and not the success from which we get to learn in life. Life intentionally knocks you down so that you can learn how to get up and fight back.7a702335-0af9-47c8-8e86-adc00e4faee94.    With time, experience teaches you that your life is all about going with the flow of nature, facing bravely whatever comes in your way.OMGKAV1003-45.    It is experience that makes you aware of the fact that in life all that matters is the moments spend with each other and not the money, materialistic things as in the end all you are left with is a bundle of memories. OMGKAV1003-5

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