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Things you can do in India but not abroad

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There are a lot of things which you can do in India easily but have to think many times before doing in abroad. Here are some of such things:
1.    Time is parameter for money abroad as your pay is based on number of hours you work for.  Therefore, you can’t think of enjoying weddings and festivals lavishly the whole day. You can’t celebrate them the way you do them in India.OMGKAV1805-12.    In many states of the USA, you can’t ask for a lift no matter how far you want to go, as it is illegal and you can be punished. OMGKAV1805-23.    You can’t travel on the top of trucks and busses in foreign countries. That’s not allowed there.OMGKAV1805-34.    A thing like joint families doesn’t exist abroad. You will get to see nuclear families only. You can’t spend time with all your chacha’s, taya’s, etc. under one roof.OMGKAV1805-45.    It’s not that so simple abroad to visit a doctor as in India. You will be required to complete time-taking paper work, and then wait for long hours before finally getting the call to meet a doctor.OMGKAV1805-56.    You can’t play gully cricket with your buddies on streets abroad the way you can play in India.OMGKAV1805-67.    You can eat freely with your hands in India, but people might glare look at you with disregard if you attempt the same abroad, as their culture requires you to use spoons and knife while eating. This is so boring for Indians. Man eating biryani.8.    Forget it that you are leaving for some other place via train or airplane and there is huge family standing to drop you, bid you bye, abroad.  Nobody abroad has time for that.     OMGKAV1805-8

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