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Things you can relate to if you have moved from a small city to a metro

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Many people move out of their small towns, cities in search of better opportunities. These people have to go through so much in the new place. Here are the things you can relate to if you have moved from a small city to a metro-

1. You must have been bullied time to time just because you belong to a small city or town. Group-ism is something you see all around.OMGVIS0095-1
2. The initial few days in the metro were the worst days of your life. You used to call it hell literally.OMGVIS0095-2
3. You have started loving your small town a lot more than you used to do earlier.

4. People don’t trust you as they think you are one of those small town people ditchers they see in movies/ serials.

5. If ever you do even a little mistake, it becomes a very big issue and what all is blamed for it is your hometown. They just don’t trust your capabilities.

6. You still remember the first time you went to a big food corner, restaurant and were made fun of just because you didn’t know most of the eatables mentioned on the menu.

7. You face a lot of betrayal. People are clever, materialistic and never miss a chance to play with your emotions.

8. They call you so un-cool, ‘behenji’ and boring just because you don’t drink, smoke etc. They judge you on your culture, dressing sense and literally make you feel so embarrassed.

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