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5 Good Things Indian Television Ads Teach Us

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There is no doubt that Indian television ads are interesting and full of well-researched information. But there are a number of irritating and ridiculous ads too. However, some manage to last good impression on your mind. Here are some of the good things Indian TV ads teach us.
1.    There is an ad of tea brand, Tata Tea, which tells us to take some actions instead of sitting and just talking about corrupt politicians of our country. The ad teaches us to be a responsible citizen. OMGVIS2001-12.    The latest ad of Bournvita is a motivational one for parents. The ad tells parents to support their children so that they can face the world confidently. OMGVIS2001-23.    Ads on jewelry are always focused on showcasing costly jewelry, but the latest ad of Tanishq is based on the concept of remarriage. The ad shows a man accepting a woman with her daughter. OMGVIS2001-34.    There was an ad of ‘Fortune Oil’ where a grandmother comes everyday with Tiffin in her hand. That box is for her grandson who is on a hospital bed. The ad teaches us that there is no match of homemade food.OMGVIS2001-4
5.    Selling tyres is another thing, but Ceat Tyres did this with a message. The ad tells people to follow traffic rules.    OMGVIS2001-5

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