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5 Tricks to make sure your husband always listens to you

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Women get annoyed when their husband doesn’t pay attention to what they are saying. We are here to help them by sharing five tricks they can try to make sure he listens to them:
1.    Don’t force him to do something. Let him lead the life in his own way. Once he will realize that you don’t want to change him and accepts him as he is, he will start listening to you.Middle aged man ignoring woman while watching TV
2.    All of us know that girls love compliments but do you know guys also look for them. The only difference is they don’t say it or show off. They love it when their girl compliments them and especially in front of their friends or parents. Guys get hypnotized when their girls respect them and pamper them. OMGKAV1007-23.    Doing things when he is busy in some stuff is of no use. Try to hit the six when he is attentive, so that he can notice the efforts you are putting in. OMGKAV1007-34.    Filter your words while talking to him. Guys don’t like when their wife dominate them. So, next time you want him to listen to you act softly.Ready to enjoy a simple supper together5.    Demand when he is vulnerable. If you want him to go by what you are saying him, use your charm to spell bound him. Wear the outfit he loves the most on you and spend some alone time with him. Make him fall in love with you again. OMGKAV1007-5

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