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6 questions to ask yourself before taking a big decision of your life

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Most of us get confused; face difficulty at the time of taking big decisions, which carry a lot of risk with them. Don’t worry we are here to help you with this by sharing six question that you must ask yourself before taking a big decision on your life:OMGKAV1008-11.    When it comes to taking a decision always consider both sides of the step you are going to take. Keep in mind a rough idea at least, about how it is going to affect you.
2.    Whatever you do in life always decide first about what is the need of doing it. Ask yourself why are you taking this decision? What is making you do so?
3.    Some decisions we take by heart, emotionally, while others we take by mind, practically. Before coming to a decision identify whether you are taking decision by mind or heart.
4.    Always ask yourself for logics behind your decision so that in case in future you face any problem related to it, you can be answerable to yourself by presenting that logic.
5.    Regrets are very painful, so it is better that you keep a backup plan in your mind. Think properly before coming to a conclusion. Never be shy of taking opinions of others.
6.    Does the decision you are going to take excite you? If yes, than it is worth your risk. Risks are important in life to succeed, so never behave as a coward and always stay ready to move out of your comfort zones.

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