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6 Things Indian families do on road trips

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Road trips and Indian families are a deadly combination. They believe in making every road trip memorable. Here are 6 things that Indian families do on road trips:
1.    Indian families on road trips carry along a lot of handmade food. They stop at the restaurants and dhaba’s not to order something but just to get a place to sit and relish the food they have brought along.OMGKAV2005-12.    If a car has 5 seats, you will never find 5 passengers in an Indian family trip. They believe in taking the advantage of something to the full extent possible. Their vehicles are most of the times overcrowded.OMGKAV2005-23.    Most of the Indian families think very high of them and don’t believe in asking anybody about the directions to their destination no matter even if they are getting late. OMGKAV2005-34.    The trips of an Indian family are very loud, full of music, chit-chats. You can hardly get any Indian family sleeping while travelling. They believe in making their trips memorable and don’t waste time in sleeping.OMGKAV2005-45.    Hats off to the driver of a vehicle with Indian family as there is always an aunty among them who keeps on giving silly instructions to the driver, no matter he needs them or not.OMGKAV2005-56.    On road trips, no matter even if they are traveling to some place for the first time, there is always somebody in the Indian family who has a habit of flaunting his knowledge about that place.      OMGKAV2005-6

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