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6 Type of students you will find in every Indian examination hall

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You can never get bored in an Indian examination hall. Funny activities keep on happening there. Here are 6 types of students you can easily see in every Indian examination hall:
1.    Every Indian examination hall has some genius students who can be better called the unstoppable ones. The minute they receive their question paper and answer sheet they keep on writing without any break. It seems as if they have an open book with all the answers in front of them.OMGKAV2006-1
2.    Then there are students with blank faces. They get shocked after going through the question paper and remains in trauma till the bell rings at the end of 3 hours.OMGKAV2006-23.    Every hall has some well experienced cheaters, who can get a degree in cheating. They keep on disturbing other students throughout the exam. They even have stuff written on their hands, tables and sometime carry chits along them.OMGKAV2006-34.    There are some students who know the answers but then have a habit of confirming it, thereby disturbing others.OMGKAV2006-45.    And, how can I forget those sheets mongers. You can easily find some students who enter the hall with a target to fill a particular number of sheets, regardless of the fact that they don’t know the right answers.OMGKAV2006-56.    There are some students who come only to wait for the permission to leave the hall. They attempt only that many questions that can save them from failing in exam and spends the rest of the time in relaxing. Basically, they know the answers but are always too tired to write them or attempt them.OMGKAV2006-6

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