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6 ways to get rid of bad breath

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Who doesn’t want to have fresh breath? I am sure everyone does. But many people out there suffer from the problem of bad breath due to which they always remain cautious. Here are some ways to get rid of bad breath:
1.    The first thing you can do is observe a good oral hygiene. Make it a point to brush and clean your teeth and tongue thoroughly every day. Even if this doesn’t work, consult your dentist.Pretty young lady brushing her teeth isolated on white2.    In case you want to have a fresh and cool morning breath than drink plenty of water every day. Swish cold water around your mouth.   OMGKAV2001-23.    Salt water mouth wash is an easy and effective remedy for bad breath. This is because salt helps in quickly neutralizing the bacteria present in your mouth. This process is also helpful for soothing sensitive gums. OMGKAV2001-34.    If you are one of those who wear dentures than don’t forget to remove them at night. This way you will be able to avoid the bacterial backup due to food.OMGKAV2001-45.    Eat fruits which are rich in Vitamin C as they are very helpful in fighting the problem of bad breath by instantly freshening it.OMGKAV2001-56.    Why not drink some green tea? It is not only healthy for your body but can also help you in fighting bad breath.  A strong antioxidant catechin is present in it, which fights bacteria present in the mouth in a very effective manner.    OMGKAV2001-6

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