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7 excellent self-defense tricks that will keep you safe

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Safety is better than cure. In today’s world where no one is safe we should always move out of our homes after taking some essential safety measures. Self-defense is must these days. Here are some awesome self-defense tricks that will keep you safe:
1.    Never leave home without telling anybody about it. You should always have somebody, who is aware of your whereabouts. OMGKAV2007-12.    Always carry some stuff, weapons to protect yourself, if you face some kind of crisis. If you are a girl, you should always have some chilli powder, pepper spray, small knife etc. which you can use at the time of need.OMGKAV2007-23.    While travelling through a public mean of transport like auto, always note down the number of that vehicle and message it your family or friends so that in case you get into any trouble, they can help you.Stock Photo by Sean Locke www.digitalplanetdesign.com4.    Always keep your cell phone charged while travelling, so that you can call your near ones if you need any help.Young woman in taxi using mobile phone, close-up5.    You must have the contact numbers of your local police station, hospital etc. Helpline numbers are a must.OMGKAV2007-56.    While travelling in an auto, cab or vehicle like that stay attentive and never let the driver know that you don’t know the way or are new to that place. Stay confident.OMGKAV2007-67.    If ever feel afraid, nervous, call up your friend or family and stay on call throughout the journey so that the driver knows that someone knows about your whereabouts.   OMGKAV2007-7

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