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7 Things you can relate to if you are a totally honest person

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Even in today’s era there are many people who are like Satyavaadi Harishchandra when it comes to speak truth. Such people are seen apart from the crowd and you can easily recognize them. Here are the things you can relate to if you are a totally honest person:

1. People are afraid of sharing their secret plans with you. They fear that you will not be able to give full justice to their plan as you can’t tell a lie.OMGVIS0099-1
2. You have been called “dumb” or “foolish” by people around you.OMGVIS0099-2
3. You are a straightforward person and believe in speaking the things on face instead of bitching at the back.OMGVIS0099-3
4. You have the guts to accept where you went wrong in life. You take responsibility of the things done by you.OMGVIS0099-4
5. If you commit something to someone you make sure you don’t break it. You stick to your words.

6. You prefer to speak the truth, take stand for others and yourself even if doing so means standing alone. You have faith in truth and that faith drives you to stand tall.

7. You get hurt easily as you think that the way you are an honest person, the same way others are also, which is not the case. And you end up getting betrayed.

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