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7 unsung heroes in sports apart from cricket who made India proud

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In India, although Hockey is the national sport yet cricket has always been seen in the spotlight. Well, we are here with some of unsung heroes in sports which don’t belong to cricket but have made India proud:

1. Prakash Padukone- How can we forget badminton maestro Prakash Padukone. He is a living example of the philosophy that took him to the peak of world badminton. He was the one who defied the odds to capture the 1980 All England crown.OMGVIS0012-1
2. P. T. Usha- She is the lady, who represented the spirit of a great nation on the track. Her story showcased her talent, grit and determination. She was the one who changed the mindset of Indian athletes from “Can we do it?” to “We will do it!”OMGVIS0012-2
3. Ramanathan Krishnan: The tennis legend from India was among the world’s leading players in the 1950s and 1960s. He was twice a semifinalist at Wimbledon in 1960 and 1961. He was the one who managed to reach as high as World No. 6 in Lance Tingay’s amateur rankings.OMGVIS0012-3
4. Vishwanathan Anand- Also known as Indian Chess grandmaster, Anand is a five time winner of the World Chess Championship. He is one of the two persons, who won the Classical, Rapid, and Blitz world championships. Anand is the only chess player to have won the world championship playing in Match, Tournament and Knockout formats.OMGVIS0012-4
5. Narain Karthikeyan: So far, Karthikeyan is the only Indian driver to participate in Formula 1 championship. The biggest name in Indian motor racing sports.OMGVIS0012-5
6. Jimmy George: Often considered as one of the greatest volleyball players of all time, Jimmy was a member of India men’s national volleyball team and was the first Indian volleyball player to become a professional. He even played club volleyball in Italy.OMGVIS0012-6
7. Jeev Milkha Singh: A lot of people don’t know him because the whole limelight was taken by cricket always. Well, he is the first Indian player who qualified for the European Tour and was the first one to play in the Masters. He has four career European tours wins.      OMGVIS0012-7

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