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Hilarious facts about women you must know

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You can’t understand the thinking process of women, they are so complicated.  But, here are some hilarious facts about women that can help you in knowing them better:
1.    Next time your girl is silent, instead of taking a sigh of relief, get ready to face what is coming your way. Yes, you have got it right. A girl’s silence means something is wrong.OMGKAV2009-12.    You might have seen women comparing people, stuff but you must know that women hate being compared.OMGKAV2009-23.    If you say that you understand your girl fully then you are wrong because only women can understand women. You can’t make out why a woman is doing something, and most of the times men take it wrongly. OMGKAV2009-34.    Did you know that 80% of the times women cry for no reasons? So, next time you see your girl crying without any reason just think about it.OMGKAV2009-45.    A woman’s 5 minutes is never literally mean 5 minutes of your watch. They can make you wait for hours by saying just 5 minutes. OMGKAV2009-56.    Don’t take a woman’s ‘I am Fine’ by its meaning in English. This phrase in fact means that she is not at all fine and is expecting you to ask her the reason behind her bad mood.797768a7.    Never think that when you are looking at a woman’s butt or breast, they don’t notice it. They know when you look. OMGKAV2009-78.    Women are as protective about their girl friends as they are for their men and children. They can’t let somebody take advantage of their friend.     OMGKAV2009-8

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