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Signs you are sickeningly in love

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Love is a beautiful feeling, which is not less than a miracle. It is something that makes you strong and weak at the same time. There are many people, who are sickeningly in love. Here are the signs that show you are sickeningly in love:
1.    You wait for your partner patiently outside the shop without any ifs and buts. You don’t complain for keeping you waiting so long.OMGKAV2003-12.    You love, adore them the way they are. You don’t need them to be wearing makeup or dressed in best attire to fall for them and admire them.OMGKAV2003-23.    You take interests in the things your partner loves to do, no matter you like those things or not. You want to connect with him better so you feel like learning all that stuff he loves.OMGKAV2003-34.    You smilingly face the awkward questions asked by your partner’s relatives. You understand him and the facts that relatives just can’t stop asking about things.OMGKAV2003-45.    You have a permanent, life-long addiction of him. He holds the same position that oxygen, water and food have in your life.OMGKAV2003-56.    Arguments are a part of every relationship and when your love struck relation faces them, you calmly tackle the situation. To you, your partner is more important than any silly argument.OMGKAV2003-67.     Your relation is full of fun. Both you and your partner tease one another the whole day. You share jokes, secret words that no one around can understand.       OMGKAV2003-7

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