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Six things you miss about India when you start living abroad

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Abroad may attract you but once you start living there, home sickness grasps you and makes you miss India badly. Here are the things you miss about India when you start living abroad:OMGKAV2008-11.    You miss making friends out of strangers abroad. In India, from the shopkeeper you buy your home stuff from to the stranger you have met last week in bus, every one becomes your friend but abroad you can’t depend on anybody like that.
2.    Abroad you can’t have as much fun as you have in India during festivals. Festivals celebrations are not that exciting, huge abroad. You miss Indian way of celebrating festivals.
3.    Abroad you have to keep your apartment clean on your own. From dusting to dishes you have to do it all. You don’t get a maid there as in India. No matter how annoying they are at times, but you miss them abroad.
4.    Even within your home you can’t live your way. For example, in America you can’t even light an agrbaati or make fire, which you can easily do in India at any time you wish.
5.    Abroad you miss the sounds of life, including the noise of vendors, loud worshipping in the morning, etc. You feel like as if you have started living a silent life.
6.    Life abroad is not that flexible as in India. You need to live by a rule book and have to pay huge penalties of a single wrong move abroad. Not like India, wherein, at times, you get away by offering little chai-pani, term used for bribe, to the cops.

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